That old Tendon-ya place….

A couple of months ago, my family and I went to Citos.. Little Bug was promised a new (but small) Lego set and it was right around lunch time that we went there, so naturally we were hungry. Even though I wasn’t too enthusiastic about the food choices there, Little Bug wanted to eat “tendon” or tempura don, basically a rice bowl with tempura fried toppings of your choice. There was a new (maybe new for us only, since we rarely go to Citos anyways) small tendon resto there, I forgot the name… but being in Indonesia, we’ve learned not to have too much expectations of Japanese restos here, because usually the taste is “adjusted” to the Indonesian market.

Anyways, the menu looked “legit” and alhlamdulillah, so was the food!!! My bowl of tendon instantly transported me back to an old Tendon-ya place in Matsuyama….


The small, wooden-walled tendon-ya was located near Hubby’s campus. Besides tendon, they sold the yummiest oden that I ever tasted. I would sometimes meet up with si Hubs during his lunch break to eat there. Ahh… those bicycling days…

Their menu was simple and not too expensive. There were only 2 or 3 employees working there. We would always eat the tendon with tons of shichimi togarashi (red pepper flakes powder) plus some oden on the side, particularly on those cold winter days. There was one point where they had this huge shrimp tendon promo, and I think that was Little Bug’s first taste of tendon 🙂

After lunch, we would go our separate ways: him– back to the lab and me– back to our apartment or I would go run errands on that part of town and window shop/sight see on the way.

It’s too bad that when Hubby visited Matsuyama a couple of years ago, the tendon-ya place had closed down and changed into something else. Oh well… at least I can remember it everytime I eat at the tendon-ya place here 🙂


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